James Fisher PhD

James Fisher is a Researcher and Senior Lecturer in Sports Conditioning and Fitness at Southampton Solent University, in the UK.

Dr. Fisher completed his Ph.D from Nottingham Trent University with the abbreviated title of “The scientific application of Resistance Training”.

James has published more than 70 peer-reviewed journal articles relating to exercise physiology considering both athletic and non-athletic populations. Much of his empirical research considers methodological approaches to resistance exercise including modality and advanced training techniques. He has also published critical commentaries challenging existing paradigms and practices with higher risk of injury and lack evidence of efficacy. Indeed, he has also publicly challenged the other notable academics and fallible processes in an attempt to ensure that scientific publications pertaining to resistance exercise preserve honesty, and application. Finally James has published multiple large review articles aiming to provide trainers and trainees with an evidence-based approach to optimising resistance exercise for improving muscular strength, hypertrophy and cardiovascular fitness.

He sees a priority of his academic position in bridging the gap between what science says and what people do!

Amongst his other endorsements James was a Great Britain Paralympic Basketball coach from 2008 through 2013 including the London 2012 games. He has been a tutor with the UK Anti-Doping organisation and is an IFBB Accredited Weight Training Prescription Specialist, and has spoken at numerous international conferences, presenting on muscle physiology and strength training. With any remaining time he is a reviewer to multiple, journals in the area of exercise physiology, is a proud husband and father and competitive cyclist.