Patty Durell CEO, PTA, CCS

Patty Durell has a passion for empowering and challenging people to be their best and has been doing so for over 25 years. Through her younger years she battled depression, addiction, and being overweight. In her mid-twenties she learned that if she was willing to fail but didn’t give up, she was capable of accomplishing things that seemed impossible. She learned this through a strength training program called High Intensity Training (HIT). Within a few months of starting HIT, Patty completely altered her body composition, losing 30 pounds, and has maintained it ever since. She was so empowered by her new-found feelings of confidence, positive self-image, and sense of purpose that she wanted to share it with everyone, especially those challenged by a lack of self-esteem.


Patty first started as a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA), helping people overcome life changing orthopedic and neurological events. During this time, Patty and her husband Dave (also a PTA and the person who introduced her to HIT) started a personal training business to help discharged physical therapy patients. Their training business expanded to include people of all ages and stages of life, from those who had never exercised to professional athletes. The business eventually outgrew other people’s gyms, and Patty opened Rock Solid Fitness, a membership-based fitness coaching and consulting studio, in 2012. Due to continued rapid growth, she moved to a larger facility in Dunedin, FL only 4 years later.


Patty is a Master Level Personal Trainer, Certified Conditioning Specialist, licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, and the CEO of Rock Solid Fitness. She has been featured on many business and fitness podcasts, local TV, and news magazines. Patty is also on the Advisory Board for the Saint Petersburg College Sports Management Program, as well as the Palm Harbor University High School Medical Magnet program. She and her husband Dave live in Clearwater, Florida.


Richard Wolff is the founder of MEDFITNESS, the company that created On Demand Strength Training ™. He earned a degree in nutritional science from the College of Health and Human Sciences at Northern Illinois University. Richard is a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist. He is an adjunct faculty in the graduate school of nutrition at Northern Illinois University.

Richards writing has been feature in Weightlifting USA, Nautilus Americas Fitness Magazine, Personal Fitness Professional, and Club Industry Magazine. He has also worked as a consultant with the American Cancer Society, the Discovery Health Channel.


Fredrick Hahn is a certified personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise since 1990 and has been instructing 9 to 90 year olds for over 20 years. He instructs some of the world’s most prominent business men and women and celebrities in the world.

Since 1998, he’s owned and operated SlowBurn Personal Training Studios located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and in Montclair N.J. He is the co-author, along with Drs. Michael and MaryDan Eades of the best-selling fitness book The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution (Random House 2003) and is the author of Strong Kids, Healthy Kids (AMACOM 2008)

Fred has appeared on numerous television and radio shows including NBC’s The Today Show, CNN’s The Biz, The 700 Club, WABC Morning Show, NBC Live at Five, Fox Five News, ABC Eyewitness News and much more.


Founder and Chief Exercise Officer of PURE PHYSIQUE, Mike’s life’s work is to inspire people to live fit and give them the practical means to do it. 

Voted Westchester’s “Best Personal Trainer”, Mike is an international fitness author and speaker, professional natural bodybuilder, and father of two boys.  He’s also President of the International Association of Resistance Trainers.

PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: IART Level I Fitness Clinician, IART Level II Fitness Clinician, IART Master Fitness Clinician, B.A. in Physical Education, Ohio Wesleyan University


Owner of No Bull Strength and Performance
    Bachelor’s PE from Central Michigan University
    Master’s Physical Education Pedagogy
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association
Certified Head and Neck Training Specialist
Certified Mindset Performance Specialist
Precision Nutrition Level 1


Owner of Muscles in Motion

Education: Chapman University, Southern California

Muscles in Motion opened in June 2007 with busy people in mind. We understand there are lots of ways to workout, and lots of ways to get results, but I wanted a place where everyone could get a great workout, have incredible results, but not have to compromise their joints, spine, knees etc. With our Muscles in Motion methods, that are based in science/bio-mechanics, we know that we will have you feeling wonderfully strong in a short amount of time.


A certified personal trainer and masso-physiotherapist , Randall Lightbown has expertise in the movement arts as well as in- depth knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body . He dedicates his life to helping people reach their full potential. It is in this spirit that he designs the S + exercise program which is based on the principles of high intensity training (HIT). 

A 15-year veteran of health, Randall began his career practicing and teaching tai chi and other types of Chinese martial arts for over a decade. He then explores the world of manual therapy and that of the movement of the body . Throughout his practice, he is guided by scientific principles that support the importance of exercise, movement and nutrition. When he becomes familiar with high intensity training, Randall knows he has just discovered a critical aspect of integral health . He now devotes most of his time to teaching and promoting the benefits of the S + program . 

● Training in Chinese martial arts: kung fu, tai chi 
● Diploma in massage therapy and masso-kinesitherapy, Kiné-Concept (2000) 
● Training KMI – Kinesis Myofascial Integration , Anatomy Trains 
● Training HIT ( High Intensity Training) ,   T. Pinson 
 PTS Personal Trainer Certification, CanFitPro (2013) 
● Nutrition and Weight Loss Counselor Training 
 CPR Certification – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 
 Member of the Quebec Federation of Massage Therapy 
   (since 2004) 

 Teaching tai chi (since 2006) 
Masso-physiotherapist, private practice (since 2005) 
 Massage therapist, Scandinave Les Bains, Old Montreal 
   (2010 to 2011) 
 Masso-physiotherapist, Medical Clinic Space Health 
   (2012 to 2015) 
● Founder and head coach  of S + 
   (since 2015)


Jeff Tomaszewski is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University (Case) with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Sports Medicine and a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology. He is a certified Athletic Trainer through the National Athletic Trainers Association and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

He began his career as a clinical Athletic Trainer for Ohio Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine and served as the Medical Coordinator for the National Youth Sports Program at Case.

Jeff then left his career in physical therapy to pursue a Master’s degree and become the Assistant Athletic Trainer/Professor at Case in 2000. Shortly after obtaining his Master’s degree he formed MaxStrength Fitness in May of 2007 in Westlake, Ohio, which has grown into Cleveland’s premier personal training facility. A second facility was opened in May of 2017 in Willoughby, Ohio to help fulfill his life’s mission of helping as many people as possible live a high quality of life into their golden years.

Jeff is a graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Cohort 5 and has been an active member in the Entrepreneur Organization’s Accelerator program and served on the board.

He is a student of marketing, world-class customer service and providing the most efficient, effective and safe mode of exercise.

Along the way Jeff has also obtained Professional Status as a Natural Drug-Free Bodybuilder solely using the methods and systems implemented at MaxStrength Fitness and he continues to use these systems to help countless clients achieve their health and fitness goals.

Jeff is married to Jodi Tomaszewski, who is a partner at Dworken & Bernstein, LLP and has three beautiful daughters Emma, Chloe and Paige. When he is not busy transforming his client’s lives through health and fitness Jeff enjoys spending time with his family splashing in the pool, taking walks and bike rides or any other adventure they can dream up. He also loves golf, skiing, and many other outdoor sports! Not to mention, rooting on the Browns, Cavs and Indians.


Michael Petrella is the owner and head trainer at STG Strength and PowerSTG is regarded by many as one of the finest and best equipped private gyms in the world. Michael is MEDX/HIT Certified (IART), Master HIT Certified (S.P.A.R.T.A.), Certified as a Youth Fitness Instructor (YouthFit Certified), Winner of the prestiges “Most Innovative Training Program” with the World Head of Family Sokeship Council and coach to 61 AWPC/WPC/IPA/RPS/100% Raw World Records.

Michael is also the host of Rogers TV In The Gym completing 6 episodes in season 1 and 10 episodes for season 2 and has opened an expanded through 5 facilities over the past 13 years.


Bill Crawford has been a leader and visionary in fitness since 1977. In 2012, Bill was inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame for his life’s work and was elected to chair the board from 2015 – 2017. In 2016, Bill represented the NFHOF in Washington D.C. at the Surgeon General’s Call to Action for the “Step it Up” Program in collaboration with the American College of Sports Medicine, CDC, ACE, MFA, and others. This historic event featured Regina Benjamin, the 18th U.S. Surgeon General and Vivek Murthy, the 19th U.S. Surgeon General, along with leadership from Congress, the health care system, and the fitness industry.

Bill was certified for musculoskeletal evaluation and rehabilitation at the Exercise Science Center, University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida and was personally trained and endorsed by the late Arthur Jones, the inventor of Nautilus and MedX. In the 1970’s, Bill pioneered some of the first Nautilus clubs in the Los Angeles area implementing high intensity training principles and was one of the key players in the ignition of the fitness boom. Over the past 42 years, Bill has provided strength and fitness training for thousands, exercising muscles in isolation to muscle failure with equalized resistance through the full range of motion using a safe and effective protocol. You may have seen his national TV ads for the Resistance Chair, his features on CNN and Fox News, or read his stories and articles in countless publications. Bill is a recognized fitness columnist, consultant, lecturer, and educator. He worked with the U.S. Navy which led to the development of his Gym To Go programs featured in Men’s Fitness magazine. Bill has trained major sports teams, athletes, Hollywood celebrities and developed the careers of many fitness professionals.

Bill was born and raised in the Rocky Mountain town of Ouray, Colorado where being fit is incidental to the environment. He spent his youth competitive skiing, hiking and climbing fourteen thousand foot mountains. Bill has received numerous accolades as a longtime community leader in municipalities across the country investing valuable time serving in law enforcement, public safety, search and rescue, boards, committees, and volunteer organizations.

Bill has owned and developed fitness centers around the world. Since 1997, Basic Training MedX has been located in Scottsdale, Arizona and is owned and operated by Bill and his wife Debbie. Today, the Crawford’s clients enjoy their dedication to personal service, state-of-the-art MedX and Nautilus equipment and evidence-based weight resistance and cardiovascular exercise programs for strength, balance, mobility, weight loss, enhanced quality of life and good health. Their knowledge and motivational skills help clients attain their fitness goals by tailoring a program for everyone’s individual needs. People travel from around the world to train at their elite strength training and fitness center. There is no substitute for the decades of Bill’s practical experience and expertise. As a world-renowned strength trainer and fitness expert, Bill continues to passionately promote the benefits of weight resistance exercise and fitness worldwide.


Adam Zickerman is the founder of InForm Fitness Studios and author of the New York Times Bestseller Power of 10: The Once-A-Week Slow Motion Fitness Revolution upon which the company program and philosophy is based. Having started his first gym in a 300 square foot basement in 1997, Adam now spends his time researching, writing, and overseeing 7 locations all while remaining active as a personal trainer.

Adam holds an undergraduate degree in biochemistry from Binghamton University, and was certified in 1995 as a personal trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

He also studied under Ken Hutchins, the architect of slow-cadence strength training, for his level 1, 2 and Master SuperSlow® certifications.

Self-taught in equipment design, biomechanics and exercise physiology, Adam has written a comprehensive trainer certification course, for qualified applicants, on the principles of high intensity training and the Power of 10 methodology.


In 1978, after completing his Master’s degree in Biochemistry, Tasso Kiriakes began helping his older brother run racquetball leagues and exercise programming. Through those experiences, Tasso learned he had a passion for the industry of health and fitness and was fortunate to meet pioneers such as Arthur Jones, Bill Pearl, Jim Flanagan, Augie Nieto, and Mike Chaet; thus inspiring Tasso to change the lives of his community and the people around him.

In 1994 Tasso took on a 1.3 million dollar renovation project customizing the facilities to go beyond the standard for gyms in Ormond Beach and has maintained that personal touch ever since. Standing at 11,200 square feet, BodeZ currently houses over 800 members and an elite staff of trainers and customer service representatives ready to help members improve their health and quality of life. Personalization and supervision are what sets BodeZ apart from other fitness centers as well as a clean and up to date facility. With his enthusiastic staff, Tasso strives to help each individual with their specific program.


Dwayne Wimmer is the founder and trainer of Vertex Fitness. With professionalism, expertise and personal attention as his hallmarks, and the utmost concern for his clients’ fitness and wellness as his vision, Dwayne has fulfilled his ultimate dream in opening his own physical fitness training center. His caring, patient yet guiding one-on- one approach encourages individuals to achieve their fitness goals at their own pace, all the while pushing them to the limits so they reach top physical condition.


Ann-Marie has always been athletic and interested in exercise, health and fitness. By the age of 12 she was lifting her brothers free weights and using the Universal Machine at the open high school gym during the summers… After her first year of college in 1983, Ann-Marie traveled to Australia for a year. Because of her dance background, she became one of the first Jazzercise/aerobic instructors, working for Australia’s top female bodybuilder, Susy Martin. After graduating from Western Washington University she began working for Nautilus Northwest as their marketing director. During her tenure with Nautilus Northwest she competed in women’s bodybuilding competitions such as the Olympia Natural Classic and the Emerald Cup. Many of Ann-Marie’s clients have worked with her since 1989. Ann-Marie loves training her clients and is passionate about the work she does! So much so she is in the process of expanding Ideal Exercise and licensing gyms outside of the Seattle area. In her spare time, Ann-Marie enjoys golfing, entering chili cook-offs, and is a true 12th Lady Seahawks fan!


Steve Ritz, Exercise Physiologist and founder of Fitness First of MN Inc., has been involved in the fitness field since 1991 working with a wide variety of people ranging from cardiac rehab patients to professional athletes. Steve earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Gustavus Adolphus College, and a Master of Arts degree majoring in Exercise Physiology from Minnesota State University, Mankato. He is also certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Some highlights in his career as a fitness professional include Assistant Strength and Conditioning coach for the MN Vikings and training both major and minor league players for the Cleveland Indians Organization. Steve has also had involvement in various college and high school settings including: Villanova University, North Dakota State University, Gustavus Adolphus College and Anoka High School. Fitness is a way of life for Steve, and he enjoys educating and making it a priority in other people’s lives.