At the 2022 Resistance Exercise Conference

May 13th – 14th

Minneapolis, MN








The evidence based strength training movement is growing.

We need you to lead it.


Take time to work ON your business.


Ask your questions to experts in exercise!


Fall back in love with strength training and regain a passion for your craft. 


Connect with attendees from all over the world, all who share the belief: strength training should be backed by science. 


We know finding fitness education you trust can be hard.

In 12 years of hosting the conference, we are continually committed in bringing in the leading scientists and experts in the field.

Leadership is lonely.  Building a business is challenging. Operating a strength training studio since 2013, I have sought mentorship and training from various sales organizations and business coaches over the years.  It was when I came to the Resistance Exercise conference in 2019 that I found the definitive source of industry-specific learning for myself and my team, validation, inspiration, and a strong, welcoming community.

One of the things that impressed me most is how friendly and open to sharing everyone is.  The fitness world can be full of big egos but I did not experience this at REC.

If you are an owner, aspiring owner, or trainer, come to REC and give yourself the advantage sooner than later.  Your business will flourish faster and your clients/team members will thank you.  It’s the place where people present will really “get you” and you will get them!

Kirei Yasunori, Evolved Health, Calgary Canada

For us, evidence-based exercise is a core value so, it’s important that we are exposed to the brightest and the best when it comes to exercise research. The REC conference is absolutely the resource for us to continue to learn from!

Kyle Recchia, President, The Perfect Workout
Community may be the most important part of business and life. Real growth comes from relationships, and the people we surround ourselves with. This is why the Resistance Exercise Conference has become one of the major pillars in our community. The information
that is shared is world-class, the experience is second to none but most importantly it is this growth and feeling of community that allows
all of us to expand both personally and professionally. REC allows us to connect in a more organic way. It allows us to forge friendships and share ideas in an environment that is unmatched. Although it is a “Conference” it has become something more. A Gathering, a Tribe, in many ways a Family.
I look forward to re-connecting with this amazing group of people that have become very important to me. It is my sincerest belief that REC, at its fundamental basics, is a catalyst to propel those who attend to a higher level in their journey in life and fitness.
Michael Petrella, Owner, STG Strength and Power


  • Dr. Doug McGuff
  • Jim Flanagan
  • Dr. Ellington Darden
  • Dr. Theresa Liu-Ambrose
  • Dr. Michelle Segar
  • Mark Asanovich
  • Dr. James Steele
  • Dr. Wayne Westcott
  • Brian Johnston
  • Bill DeSimone
  • Dr. Richard Winnett
  • Michelle Segar
  • Dr. Bente Klarlund Pedersen
  • Dr. Brad Schoenfeld
  • Dr. James Fisher

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  • Studio Bus Tour

  • All Educational Sessions

  • Early Morning Workouts

  • Opening night reception

  • REC Bash on Saturday Evening

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2022 Keynote Speakers

Brad Schoenfeld Ph.D.
Brad Schoenfeld Ph.D.Researcher, and professor of exercise science at Lehman College
Time Efficient Training: Guidelines and Strategies for Best Practice
James Fisher Ph.D.
James Fisher Ph.D.Researcher and Senior Lecturer at Solent University
The Roles of Effort and Supervision Within Resistance Training
Luke Carlson
Luke CarlsonCEO of Discover Strength
Brand As Business: The Inside Out Approach to Building a Great Brand
Christie Aschwanden
Christie Aschwanden
The Science of Recovery
Stuart Phillips Ph.D.
Stuart Phillips Ph.D.Professor and Researcher at McMaster University
An evidence-based approach to understanding the gainz you’re gonna’ get
James Steele Ph.D.
James Steele Ph.D.Associate Professor of Sport and Exercise Science at Solent University
In it for the long haul: What to expect from resistance training over time

REC Talks

These thought leaders will deliver a 15-minute presentation designed to inform, inspire, and challenge your current thinking.

Jeff Tomaszewski
Jeff TomaszewskiOwner of MaxStrength Fitness
Being a Leader in the 21st Century
Kristin Rowell
Kristin RowellFounder and CEO of Energetically Efficient
Andrew Coates
Andrew CoatesOwner of Andrew Coates Fitness
The Lies You Tell Why You’re Not Creating And Sharing Content
Dr. Sean Preuss
Dr. Sean PreussWriter, college professor, speaker, personal trainer
Converting Non-Exercisers into Lifelong Exercisers
Pak Androulakis Korakakis Ph.D.
Pak Androulakis Korakakis Ph.D.Researcher and lecturer at Solent University
The minimum effective training dose for meaningful increases in strength

Operator’s Roundtable

Tyler Gustafson
Tyler GustafsonOwner Discover Strength Wayzata
Melissa Gunn
Melissa GunnFounder and CEO of Pure Strength LA, Inc
Tim Dettmann
Tim DettmannDirector of Kieser Australia
Kyle Recchia
Kyle RecchiaPresident, The Perfect Workout

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At the Resistance Exercise Conference, we know you want to be the exercise authority. In order to do that, you need a conference where you can learn from experts and build collegiality. The problem is there are no conferences that cater to the evidence-based resistance exercise practitioner, which makes them feel lonely and disconnected from your tribe. We believe exercise should be science-based. We understand it can be hard to step away from your business, which is why for the past 10 years, REC has been the number one conference where evidence-based resistance exercise community comes together to learn.

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